My first set of bloods!

Happy New Year everyone! (Am I still allowed to say that if we’re a week in? When is the New Year officially not new anymore?) I hope you all had a peaceful holiday period and refuelled before the January blues – does anyone else get these? You know, when the new term comes along and … Continue reading My first set of bloods!

Back to school!

As I’m currently mentally preparing myself to face the music of Med school all over again tomorrow, I thought it would be nice to answer the top 5 questions I’ve been asked about Medical school and share some of my ‘probably not-so-wise’ words of wisdom! 1. Do you need to do any pre-reading before Year … Continue reading Back to school!

Case 3

Charlie, a 26-year-old male, slipped and fell down a set of concrete steps.  He hit his head and was rendered unconscious for around 15 seconds (reported by his friends). Six hours later the same day he lost consciousness and was taken to the emergency department. History and preliminary examination pointed toward an intracranial bleed. a) … Continue reading Case 3

Case 2

David, a 34-year-old man, suffered a crush injury to his thorax whilst cutting trees in a garden. His co-worker took him to the emergency department. Upon arrival he was breathless and tachycardic. The doctor diagnosed a tension pneumothorax and inserted a chest drain. a) Describe the pleural layers, their location/regions and arrangement. Explain the location … Continue reading Case 2