The most stressful two years of my life so far… Part I

Before I continue my story let me begin by informing you that I have been through the Medicine application process twice. During the first round of applications, there were 5 HUGE factors (some of which could have potentially been avoided), which I will point out over the next couple of posts.

So, I had picked my A levels and started Sixth Form (Year 12) with the utmost level of determination and focus, which certainly paid off during the first set of exams. Factor 1 followed shortly; I became complacent, and perhaps even slightly arrogant. I started to worry more about my extra curricular activities than my studies, and soon enough, along came factor 2, social media.

Where do I even begin?! We’ve all been there, and I’m sure we’ve all regretted it, wasting countless hours having pointless conversations with people we were just hanging out with a few hours ago. It’s funny how technology has completely transformed society; I went from barely using my phone to having it in my hands 24/7. Social media became my nemesis, and one of my biggest regrets is the sheer amount of time I wasted on a virtual reality. Boy oh boy did I pay the price for that, but more on this later.

Aged 16, trying to get appropriate work experience is a challenge, so I was super grateful to be offered a chance to participate in my local Hospital internship program, which proved an invaluable experience. From learning the importance of recording patient histories to respecting patient autonomy, I was exposed to a myriad of factors involved in delivering high quality patient care and thrived in this environment. I also managed to gain certification in Basic Life Support during this time, *cough* let’s pretend I haven’t lost my certificate*cough*.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, and I’m going to say it for the 1,000,001st time – work experience is indispensable when applying to Medicine. And don’t worry if you’re concerned about not having enough experience: universities are looking for what you’ve gained rather than how much. If any of you have questions regarding work experience or what kinds of experience to go for, drop me an email!

I’ll end with this:

‘The only source of knowledge is experience.’ – Albert Einstein






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