Applying to Medicine (Step 1 – Which Universities?)

I know how daunting it can be applying to Medicine as a postgraduate student, especially if you’ve been unsuccessful in previous applications – so I thought I would try to detail some useful information over the next few posts to try and help any of you who are interested in applying!

I couldn’t believe I had to go through UCAS all over again, but in a way it saved a lot more time than applying to each university individually as most postgraduate courses expect you to do so remember to make your account ASAP (UCAS apply opens on the 1st September) and remind yourself how it all works. The deadline for all medical school applications is the 15th October.

The first step to applying for Medicine is obviously deciding which universities you want to go for. The number of postgraduate Medical courses in the UK are few compared to the undergraduate programs – I’ve listed them below along with the links to their Graduate Entry Medicine pages:

Each university obviously has their own entry requirements but the general consensus is that you should have achieved at least an upper second class honours degree in any subject (some universities prefer science related degrees and others have no real preference). Bear in mind that Graduate entry medical courses tend to be accelerated, (4 years rather than the usual 5), so the majority of Medical Schools require you to have taken at least Biology and Chemistry at AS/A level.

The Medical Schools you pick will determine which entrance examination you need to take and how much work experience you will be expected to have – so make sure you read up carefully on each university before choosing! After much thought, I picked Barts, King’s, Southampton and Warwick which meant I had to take the UKCAT – the UK Clinical Aptitude Test, more on this in my next post!

I know this has been a really boringly blatant post, but I figured the best place to start is the very beginning of the application process so do stick with me and I promise I’ll give a lot more advice in my next post! As always, drop me an email for any questions!

The most important step of all is the first step. Start something.” – Blake Mycoskie

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