My goals for 2018

Okay, so it’s that time of year where everyone starts writing down those New Year Resolutions that we all know we’ll never keep – but for some reason we make them anyways. Resolutions are a formal excuse for the fresh start we all so desperately want and need by the 31st of December – it gives us the chance to recreate ourselves and refresh our outlook on life.

I thought I would share some of my goals for 2018 and then check in at the end of the year to see how many of them I have successfully achieved:

  • Blog more! (What ever happened to my ‘1 blog a week’ rule?! Need to get back onto this)
  • Prioritise my studies over everything else and actively stay up to date with my course content
  • Eat more fruit and become physically fitter (Would it even be a New Year’s Resolution list if I didn’t have this on there?)
  • Get more in touch with my faith and spirituality
  • Become confident in myself and my abilities – try not to second-guess myself as much
  • Worry less about what others think of me

Before this list gets too deep I’ll stop it there… but I would love to hear what people think of my list and what kinds of goals you’re all setting for your 2018!

After all, tomorrow is another day.” – Scarlett O’Hara


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