Be the best you can be…right now

This week we started Block 3 – The Brain and Behaviour which has an infamous reputation of being horrendously complicated and near impossible to understand…. so far, it is fully living up to its reputation! I’m hoping one day soon the pin will drop and it’ll all fall into place (at least that’s what they’re telling me) so, you know, any day now I’ll actually have a clue as to what’s going on…

During this block, we are also finally being introduced to bedside teaching (yay!) and once a week we will start to practice our clinical skills on real-life patients as opposed to practicing on each other (as you can imagine, stripping down to your undergarments in a room full of medical students can get super awkward). I’m SO excited to actually start feeling even the tiniest bit like a doctor – because at the moment I tend to forget exactly why I’m even here…

At the end of Block 2, I found myself feeling a little lost and wondering if I even belong here. I mean, I’m always behind, (no matter how hard I catch up), I am almost always confused, and 99% of the time I feel completely insignificant/incompetent compared to the rest of my cohort. But last week, in the first week of Block 3, we had a visit from an inspirational GP who put everything in perspective for me.

I think his advice probably meant different things to everyone, but to me it meant that I need to worry less on comparing my abilities (or lack of) to others, and focus more on being the best version of myself. While someone else’s goal may be to come out top of the cohort, I would be truly grateful to even pass this year and exceed my own expectations. That means less self-deprecation, and more self-encouragement. And instead of freaking out about how I’ll never make it to second year, I need to think about making it through, one day at a time. 

Okay, I admit what started out as a blog post ended up being more of a diary entry/rant – so I’ll round up. As of today I have decided to take that GP’s advice and, Be the best I can be… right now.’

I’ll end on this:

Every minute you spend comparing is a minute you could be using to step your game up.” – Anon


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