Stress series – Optimising revision

It's officially spring break, which, ironically is anything but. It's snowing, -1, and for me, far off from a break. Sigh. On the plus side, I am back in my beautiful city of London and feel refreshed already. I didn't think I'd miss the air pollution, train delays and rude people as much as I... Continue Reading →

Faith and what it means to me

Apologies for the delay in posting - have been in the process of moving house/city so have been spending the majority of my time wasting away on the IKEA website.... guilty! Before I post on Step 5 of the Medical school admissions process, I thought I would quickly post on faith and how it's helped... Continue Reading →

Choose your friends wisely…

This post is slightly off topic, but I feel like it was a HUGEΒ part of my university experience, so I'm going to ramble on about it a bit in this post. They say your university years are the best years of your life: honestly, after the disappointment I had had on A-level results day, I... Continue Reading →


Rejection. A feeling I'm sure most of us can relate to. Ultimately I was rejected from all 4 medical schools that I had initially applied to, and had to settle for my backup UCAS choice despite achieving a decent set of A Level grades. I know it sounds melodramatic, but just like that, I felt... Continue Reading →

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