What’s in my First-Aid kit?

This week’s post is all about ‘What’s in my First-Aid kit’. I can’t say I’m much of a daredevil; all my holidays tend to be city breaks full of organised fun. Nevertheless, my fabulous auntie gifted me with this beautiful Travel-Kit from Stanford University Hospital (what a dream)! I thought it would be fun to... Continue Reading →

Stress series – Optimising revision

It's officially spring break, which, ironically is anything but. It's snowing, -1, and for me, far off from a break. Sigh. On the plus side, I am back in my beautiful city of London and feel refreshed already. I didn't think I'd miss the air pollution, train delays and rude people as much as I... Continue Reading →

Teddy Bear Hospital

It's Sunday evening, I have had a totally unproductive weekend bingeing on Gilmore Girls and just woke up from what was meant to be a 20 minute power nap, but turned out to be a 2hour and 20 minute deep sleep.... woops. Oh well... sleep > life. So this week's post is on the Teddy... Continue Reading →

Our First Patient

The first patient we saw in the community was an elderly gentleman (let's call him Mr. X) who suffered from a plethora of health conditions that had sadly robbed him of his livelihood. The patient was initially diagnosed with leg ulcers, which eventually progressed to a stage whereby the patient was in constant agonising pain... Continue Reading →

Be the best you can be…right now

This week we started Block 3 - The Brain and Behaviour which has an infamous reputation of being horrendously complicated and near impossible to understand.... so far, it is fully living up to its reputation! I'm hoping one day soon the pin will drop and it'll all fall into place (at least that's what they're... Continue Reading →

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