What’s in my First-Aid kit?

This week’s post is all about ‘What’s in my First-Aid kit’. I can’t say I’m much of a daredevil; all my holidays tend to be city breaks full of organised fun. Nevertheless, my fabulous auntie gifted me with this beautiful Travel-Kit from Stanford University Hospital (what a dream)! I thought it would be fun to... Continue Reading →

Monologue Monday

"A couple of hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin shared with the world the secret of his success. 'Never leave that 'til tomorrow,' he said, 'Which you could do today.' This is the man who discovered electricity. You'd think more of us would listen to what he has to say. I don't know why we put... Continue Reading →

Stress series (Skincare)

I am currently writing this from my bed, next to a large mug of Lemsip, a box of kleenex and a hot water bottle - the aftereffects of Block 3 (The Brain and Behaviour) :(! Nevertheless, it gives me a great opportunity to stop, slow down and catch up with my blog! I thought I... Continue Reading →

My goals for 2018

Okay, so it's that time of year where everyone starts writing down those New Year Resolutions that we all know we'll never keep - but for some reason we make them anyways. Resolutions are a formal excuse for the fresh start we all so desperately want and need by the 31st of December - it... Continue Reading →

Faith and what it means to me

Apologies for the delay in posting - have been in the process of moving house/city so have been spending the majority of my time wasting away on the IKEA website.... guilty! Before I post on Step 5 of the Medical school admissions process, I thought I would quickly post on faith and how it's helped... Continue Reading →

Choose your friends wisely…

This post is slightly off topic, but I feel like it was a HUGE part of my university experience, so I'm going to ramble on about it a bit in this post. They say your university years are the best years of your life: honestly, after the disappointment I had had on A-level results day, I... Continue Reading →

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