Teddy Bear Hospital

It's Sunday evening, I have had a totally unproductive weekend bingeing on Gilmore Girls and just woke up from what was meant to be a 20 minute power nap, but turned out to be a 2hour and 20 minute deep sleep.... woops. Oh well... sleep > life. So this week's post is on the Teddy … Continue reading Teddy Bear Hospital

Stress series (Knowing when to STOP)

As a medical student (or any student really), it's super important to know when you've reached your limit. So that's why this week's post is on knowing when to STOP. It's so easy to burnout when you're on this course - my days have started rolling into one and I've even started to feel guilty … Continue reading Stress series (Knowing when to STOP)

Applying to Medicine – Step 3 (Personal Statement)

So, you've picked your universities, you've sat the entrance examinations and now you're tying up all the loose ends with your application... which leaves the personal statement. Applying as a postgrad, I think universities are highly concerned with the amount of experience you've got and how that's changed you, so bear that in mind if … Continue reading Applying to Medicine – Step 3 (Personal Statement)